Food Tours Kansas City


Taste of Kansas City Food Tours was established in 2011, becoming Kansas City’s first food and culinary tour company dedicated to helping visitors and Kansas City residents enjoy the best Kansas City food and cultural experience off-the-beaten-path. We began our operation by searching out some of the most unique and up and coming areas in Kansas City that would offer not only delicious foods but a variety of entertainment venues that would want people to keep coming back for more. We had the most amazing time tasting artisinal chocolate, sipping on frozen cocktails, and sampling some of arguably the best BBQ in Kansas City.

These experiences, and many others, led us to create Kansas City’s first and only culinary and cultural tour that is given in some of the most vibrant and historic neighborhoods of Kansas City.

Kansas City is a culinary crossroads that unites the flavors of America’s east, west, north and south, the city of fountains is full of fun and delicious bites ranging from Burnt Ends to arguably the best Cuban outside of Tampa. Explore KC’s delicious culinary scene on a 3 hour guided journey through history & food!