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Food Tour Experience Arrives in Kansas City!

Allow myself to introduce…myself.  Eating is a serious business especially here in this exciting metropolis of Kansas City.   And for those of us that love it, it’s an endless source of conversation, our motivation to the gym, and the reason why we struggle to make rent some months.  Call us what you want.  Foodies?  Gourmands?  Culinary Junkies or perhaps my personal favorite: fat kids.  Calorie consumption is practically a sport here in Kansas City.

My name is Rebekah Dykstra and I am the owner/operator of Taste of Kansas City Food Tours.  The first food tour experience I ever took was in Denver and I walked away feeling like it was missing something.  Plenty of food was given on this tour but something to the whole ‘experience’ just wasn’t there.

My second food tour experience took place with Chicago Food Planet in Chicago.  YOWZAA!  Along with the food tastings, guests were served up a bit of conversation from the food tour guide, a bit of historical/current information and a wealth of humor to keep the tour upbeat and lively.  Way to go CFP!!! Enter, me!  What better place than Kansas City to begin my own culinary walking tour.  In a city known for its BBQ & steak we were slowly becoming a culinary destination for food traveler’s around the world and the fact that our history is so rich and deep made this the most logical thing to do.

With all of that being said; and much more yet to come I would like to welcome you to Taste of Kansas City Food Tour’s first ever blog.  I can’t promise a lot of fancy words or that things will even make sense as you read it, because at the end of the day I LOVE to eat my food & not write about it.  Here is, however, what you can expect:

Places to go. On walking tours, you’re…going to go places. I’m going to talk about some of them. The culinary, the cultural, the architectural. Kansas City has so many amazing hidden gems — parks and buildings, random side streets — that you could spend days on end just exploring. Maybe you should.

People to see. One of my favorite parts about Kansas City’s food scene: It’s never just about the food. The people behind the dishes, the folks who create the wine lists, the servers who make every experience a joy… I’m excited to tell my food people stories through profiles of restaurateurs and Q&As with Taste of Kansas City Food Tour guides.

Stuff to eat. Obviously, a blog about food would be worthless without some gratuitous food porn and some drool in word form.  And maybe I’ll even write about other things I’ve eaten…sometimes they’re just too good not to share.

I’m going to be busy over here, and I can’t wait to get started.

Anything you’d like to hear about? Is there an experience or Facebook photo album you’d like to share from your Taste of Kansas City Food tour? Leave a comment here. Send us a tweet to @kcfoodtours. Shoot an e-mail to